Micro Niche Marketing - How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Micro Niche Product - Part 2

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One of the secrets of having an extremely successful micro niche marketing campaign is to have a great number of affiliates promoting your product. Think about it, these affiliates will be putting in all the effort needed to market your product for you! What more, the more affiliates there are, the greater the "multiplier effect" of the marketing efforts! And that just means that you will see your profit margin rise exponentially. So are you ready to find out how to get more hungry affiliates?

One thing you need to know about affiliates is that they are always looking for the best "deal" in terms of what product owners have to offer. So while certain aspects, such as the number of affiliate tools you have for them to use, such as articles and reports, are important factors, ultimately, it these are secondary to a far more important factor, the payout.

The payout is simply the percentage of the sale that the affiliates will be getting in return for selling each copy of your product. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the percentage of the commission, the more attractive promoting your product becomes. Think about it, would you be interested in promoting a product that has a low payout? Chances are slim right? (Unless of course the product being sold is priced at $500, and that you're getting a 20% commission, which adds up to a $100.)

What more, in a micro niche, it is highly important to be able to attract as many affiliates as you can, otherwise you will simply be leaving money on the table! Period. An ideal commission rate would be anywhere from 65%-75%. Do not be stingy when it comes to the rate. Make sure you have the following thought in your mind at all times!

"The more money my affiliates make, the more money I make. I may be only getting 25% of the sale, but I wouldn't have gotten that 25% if my affiliates hadn't made the sale."

Also, if you're still turned off by the low commission rate, remember, you can always sell even more products to the people who buy from you! And since they're likely to already be on your list, you won't be "losing" money to your affiliates! Makes sense right?

So there you have it. Make sure you put in place a high payout. That way you will have more affiliates, and your micro niche marketing efforts will bear the fruit a lot quicker!

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Micro Niche Marketing - How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Micro Niche Product - Part 2

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Micro Niche Marketing - How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Micro Niche Product - Part 2

This article was published on 2010/04/01